Neural Networks and Deep Learning – VI : Back- Forward Propagation

Computation Graph

An algorithm design method applied to visualize accounts to understand the issue of back-propagation and forward-propagation of account diagrams.

We have defined the J function to do a simple algebra calculation.

Assign the bc expression to a variable named u.

We assigned a + u to a variable named v.

We assigned 3v to a variable named J.

The account diagrams given in the above figures refer to a simplified representation for forward and backward propagation. Derivation processes will be used instead of these transactions.

Derivative in Calculation Charts

The main objective is to find the derivative of the inputs a, b and c. This process is carried out by taking the derivatives of the variables.

Derivative Operation

There are many rules of differentiation. These rules are based on the ratings, we will use 2 of them. The first is related to the derivatives of fixed expressions:

Figure 1

In Figure 1, the rule for the derivative of the constant is given. The derivative of the constant is considered to be 0 (zero).

Another rule other than the derivative of the constant is the derivative process depending on the variable. In Figure 2, the derivative is given according to x.

Figure 2

In Fig. 2, the derivative of the product is used in the derivatization process. The multiplication derivative rule is ““before the first one and then the second multiplication in the form of two statements collected by taking the derivation”.

In this case, in the case of 2x, then 2 must be collected by taking the xinin derivative. We have previously said that 2 is a constant number of 2 because it is fixed.
x  derivative is considered to be 1. In this case, 2x + 2.1 because the derivative of 2x is obtained as 2. See. Figure 3

Figure 3

In the light of this information, we find back averages of a, b and c.

Note: If you do not write equations in a different way when doing these operations, you can mix derivative. (It is recommended to use Paper-Pen 🙂 )
J = 3V at the same time J = 3 (a + u) and J = 3 (a + bc) 3

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